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Adelaide Environmental is now Mold Certified!

Adelaide’s staff is now Mold Certified. In anticipation of New York State’s new 2016 mold licensing requirements, our staff has been NYS Department of Labor certified.  While Adelaide has always made sure our staff was trained in the latest techniques and testing procedures, we now have the paperwork to prove it. The reason for the new law […]

6 Things Property Managers Need To Know About Mold

This past winter was especially brutal for property managers in the New York-New Jersey area. Not only were there more snow events but a number of them were ice-related. That means a lot of wet ground, and as temperatures have quickly risen this spring, the perfect breeding conditions for mold. To compound the challenges of […]

Can You Trust Your Mold Remediation Company?

Can You Trust Your Mold Remediation Company?

Mold may be visible or concealed, detected or only suspected. Whether you’ve got obvious mold or water spots, or you’re noticing possible side effects of mold including allergies, coughing and sore throats, it’s time to call in an environmental consultant who can help you determine the source and cause of your trouble. But how do […]

Mold Inspection Outside Building

Surviving Mold: It Starts With The Right Inspection

Mold. Whether black, green, orange, or some other color in the spectrum, it’s never a pleasant sight. Visible mold can have you running for a remediation specialist but the effects of mold can be felt even when it’s not visible – including allergies, coughing, sore throat or respiratory ailments. Mold can arise from a variety […]