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Credentials, credentials, credentials: Our Team, Adelaide’s staff is continually updating their certifications and refreshing their skills. Every field technician holds an average of three certifications and attends at least two refreshers each year. The firm also conducts its own code and regulatory reviews on a consistent basis. The multiple certifications of Adelaide technicians make for efficient use of staff on any project, and permit highly experienced staff to fill more than one function in a single shift, resulting in cost efficiencies for owners.

Air Quality Testing New York City | Adelaide Environmental Health Associates | Front Door to Adelaide

Tools of the Trade: Recent studies and air quality testing in New York City, confirm that the air quality outside a school can be as hazardous to children as the indoor air, and current models indicate a significant number of schools have experienced an increase in industrial pollution in their outdoor air since 2005.

Air Quality Testing New York City | Adelaide Environmental Health Associates | Tool For Testing Air Quality

Asbestos Inspection in NY

Stephanie A. Soter, President and CEO

Stephanie has been at Adelaide’s helm since 2000, serving as its comptroller for the two years prior to that. She is DOL-certified in asbestos inspection in NY and project designer with a command of code rule and field protocol, as well as having been an EPA-certified lead inspector. A former CPA with a major accounting firm, Stephanie administers Adelaide’s large term contracts with government agencies and oversees the client databases that maintain abatement history for Adelaide’s large, multi-site clients. Using technology to better service clients, improve recordkeeping, and communicate critical client data more effectively has been her focus in recent years, leading to the development of custom databases that facilitate the retrieval and exchange of information on all inspection and testing results, as well as maintaining history on any abatement monitoring conducted by Adelaide. The company has grown steadily in size, revenue, and number of clients under Stephanie’s direction.

John W. Soter, Senior Vice President

John serves as the project executive on Adelaide’s large and active term contracts with public agencies such as New York State Office of General Services, as well as the major capital projects and AHERA compliance programs at Yonkers Public School District, Walton, Vestal, Hendrick Hudson, SUNY New Paltz, and numerous other institutions and school districts across the state. His responsibilities include project and office management, proposal preparation, technical staff management and deployment, and contract document preparation. His experience in the asbestos and lead disciplines includes investigation, design of abatement specifications, verification of design criteria, and hazardous materials management planning. Additionally, he has supervised projects involving PCB and radon management/abatement, ground and potable water testing and remediation, and the management of mold and microbiologicals. He consults frequently on indoor air quality issues, supervising air sampling, testing, and monitoring. His twenty plus years of field experience have brought him to schools and classrooms of all types and grade levels, prisons, hospitals, outpatient facilities, apartment buildings, dormitories, churches, libraries, utility substations, military installations, office complexes, industrial and manufacturing facilities, clean rooms, labs, landmark buildings, and disaster recovery locations such as Ground Zero and a flooded-out middle school in Eastchester, New York. The breadth and depth of his environmental consulting experience is equaled by his commitment to a quality outcome on every project.

Jason Fullum, Director of Technical and Field Operations

Jason is often the first team member dispatched to a site requiring contamination assessment, where he relies on his eighteen years of experience in hazardous materials management to evaluate and gain quick control of the situation. He has supervised many of Adelaide’s projects from initial inspection through to final visual inspection in his fourteen years with the company, providing effective project management as well as project monitoring during the abatement process. In his role as field director, he trains and supervises Adelaide’s technicians in field procedure and inspection work, conducting daily checks with the assigned teams on all active projects. As a certified project designer in the asbestos discipline, he develops any necessary site-specific variances. He is also certified and experienced in evaluating lead contamination as well as PCBs, mercury, and mold. He brings his team of Adelaide technicians to SUNY sites throughout the state on a regular basis, and is frequently on site at school districts from Endicott to Jericho, and at correctional facilities and psychiatric centers across New York.